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I would like to thank this Forum for the precious information I got from it as well as to Mikalai Zaikin (for his notes)..

How long did you prepare for this exam?
Almost 2 months. I have tried each and every topic with examples (Tutorials accessible in netbeans.org, I prefer to use Netbeans IDE..)

Material which I have used?
*Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 3 In Action – Since I am novice, I have started with this book. Meticulously documented and lucidly written, this book is worthwhile for SCBCD.
*Ejb-3_0-fr-spec-ejbcore – EJB Spec provided by Sun
*Ejb-3_0-fr-spec-persistence -JPA Spec provided by Sun

Don’t try to resist yourself with book read ,need more hands on, otherwise its hard to remember all those classes, methods as well as annotations.

Difficulty level of SCDJWS 5 exam is very high when compared to SCBCD 5 (It is purely my opinion )..

Few More Study materials: (more…)

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