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Preparation tips & links: (for 1st round interview) –Basic stuffsss …. More to add on… All d best!!!

*) Basic flow architecture of java – Read abt JVM, why we need JRE, Where we will be using JIT, CLASSLOADER workflow..

*) We should be good in core java concepts.. I would prefer to read Kathy serria (SCJP book).. Its not mandatory to take this SCJP exam, but its better to read this book atleast once and be familiar with all the topic.. Concentrate more on Threads,Generics & Collections (especially HashMap implementation).. I would urge you to code as much as possible.. Understand HashCode concept, implement a simple HashMap (what will happen if collision occurs in HashMap) , LoadFactor, rehash ,running time complexity(O(1)) .. Please check the source code of HashMap.java

*) Annotation – how to create a simple annotation (@Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME)) (more…)

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I would like to share my interview exp with a Startup product company.. I have answered all the questions ,expect only one question.. Cleared the first round… I need to give demo on Spring,struts,hibernate by sharing my desktop..

I love this project, its about cloud computing and mainly virtualization as well as its going to be competitor to big companies.. (more…)

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Java Interview:

Prod Comp 2 :[2+yr][Programmer][Dec-2009]

I am glad to say that, I have cleared this interview(I got confirmation from this company).

Apart from telephonic interview, never messed up anywhere,
Be cool n relax, that’s d mantra…. Be confident, don’t be over confident..


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Java interview questions:

I would like to share my interview exp with 2 product company situated in India..I am glad to say that, I have cleared both the interviews(I got confirmation from both company).. I will share those interview questions, so that it would be helpful for our preparation. Even though I have cleared the interview, I am looking forward to work in a project where it will involve some innovation.

Certifications help me a lot… Those who love java, I would request them to take Sun certification..It will help us to understand the concepts as well as its Pros & Cons.

Soon I will update the answers; at least I will give the pointers for the solutions…

Prod Comp 1:[2+ yr][Programmer][Jan-2010] (more…)

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