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I would like to thank this Forum for the precious information I got from it as well as to Mikalai Zaikin as well as to Java Ranchers..

I would like to share my experience and materials which I have used for SCEA preparation..Firstly, I am having 2 yr 10 months experience. Those who are having exp less than 4 yrs ,I would suggest them to finish these certifications (SCWCD, SCBCD & SCDJWS for J2EE 5) , though it’s not mandatory, but it helps you to gain more knowledge. If you are 5 + exp, then its easy to clear this exam..Exam contains only scenario based questions and we need to select an appropriate answer. It’s quite difficult for me, to choose those answers 😥 . Don’t go for most powerful and new ones instead read the question carefully and address the requirements. For example, sometime two-tier architecture will be better than 3-tier, DAO over JPA, RMI over web services (it depends on our requirements )..

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Should I go for SCEA ?

I have 2 yr 4 months experience and I am planning to take this exam (need to prepare ).. Those who are planning to take this certification, I would suggest you to finish this certifications (SCBCD & SCDJWS), though its not mandatory, but it helps us to gain more knowledge..

Those who have exp more than 5 years can take this exam (Its suggested over here ).Its not mandatory and its purely your fondness to seize this certification.. Please don’t muddle up your talent with experience. Don’t take it (exp) has an obstacle instead take it as an challenge..

If I acquired SCEA certification, that doesn’t mean that I am a good architect. It helps\guide me to divide the problems into sub problems (which design pattern I have to apply) and it helps me to think like an architect….
But if you’re an experienced person and already came across this problem\issue, then its easy to resolve the issue (which patterns have to be applied and you will know the reason why we need to apply this pattern).

Experienced as well as SCEA Certified aspirant, please provide your valuable suggestions for this issue..

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